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4 SuperFoods Essential for a Healthy Body

Most of us, or should I state every one of us wants a body that is fit. As such, we explore all the angles of attaining it. Have you ever thought of the benefits that the right foods offer to your body? The right kind of food in your body can assist it to reach its proper fit.

A healthy life is the key to having an extension in the number of years we live as well as the quality of life we experience. The benefits we get from being physically fit, increases our self-esteem and boosts the performance of our brains.

This article endeavors to assist people with various body types to attain a healthy body through the choice of food that they go with.

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Top 25 Mommy Health Bloggers to forward to in 2016

Untitled-1A lot of stay-at-home mothers reside in every part of this world and a lot of them have chosen to be mommy blogger focusing on product reviews, personal narratives, life-hacks to make daily life easy and DIY tips with respect to the health genre.

As 2016 looms, we’ve brought you top 25 mommy health bloggers who can treat you to some words of wisdom, awesome images and handy tips regarding your health. You will need to start bookmarking their blogs now and expect a lot from them in the coming year. Continue reading

Delicious Green Wheatgrass Smoothie with Green Grapes & Pineapple

Delicious Green Wheatgrass Smoothie with Green Grapes & Pineapple

Wheatgrass is a medicinal superfood with many health benefits with regular consumption. It is high in nutrient and antioxidants. Containing nutrients such as calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, magnesium and vitamin A, wheatgrass is a wonderful option for treating ailments such as digestion problems, high cholesterol, kidney stones and common cold among others.

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Fart Candy Review


Leaf, the company that brought the classic candies namely, Whoppers, Jolly Rancher Milk Duds, PayDay came with another line of innovative candy product – The Fart Candy.
As the name implies, you can’t help but giggle and smile upon hearing it as we did when we first came across it.

The flavorful, chewy candy comes in a variety of fruity flavour loved by many. They are a perfect candy to toss into the mouth any time, any day due to their bumpy, candy shell piece with nice chewy texture. This is definitely a perfect gift for your friends.

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